Links! November 27, 2020

John Conway was an English mathematician who died of Covid-19 in April. He was known for inventing Conway’s Game of Life, an early example of cellular automata. The Game of Life is a zero-player game (can such a thing exist?) where a set of rules determine whether filled cells on a grid persist, die, or reproduce each cycle based on their proximity to other filled cells. You can “play” the game only by setting the starting conditions then letting it run, which you can do here.

A short film by Alan Zucconi where he manages to use Conway’s Game of Life to build a functioning computer within the game.

Conceptual artist Jill Magid presents a project called Tender, where 120,000 pennies are released into circulation with a short poem etched on their edges, “THE BODY WAS ALREADY SO FRAGILE.”

Unboxing a crate of fruit that was lost in the mail for 648 days.

Orbis et Globus, a spherical sculpture at the northern tip of the Icelandic island of Grímsey, which is moved each year to track the oscillations of the Arctic Circle.

When not adjusting the orb, Grímsey’s residents spend the dark winter days cultivating their 1,000 year obsession with chess.

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