Links! April 15, 2021

When Food & Wine Magazine published a recipe for Mole Verde, they included limes and hot sauce in the photo. This turns out to have been a mistake. They issued an apology and reshot the dish without the offending condiments. It might seem like a small quibble, but it’s really not. Food is a big deal and the way it’s made has meaning. Read more: Editor’s Note: Why a Recipe Is More Than a Recipe.

In the 1970’s Steven Pile founded the Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain, an organization where members could celebrate their shared failures. The club’s handbook, The Book of Heroic Failures, quickly became a best seller. This success led to Pile’s removal from the club, on account of the fact that he was no longer a failure.

Here’s something delightful. A dancer (TikTok user smacmccreanor) choreographing quick, sporadic dances to mimic those viral videos of hydraulic presses crushing everyday objects.

Here’s an old blog post about an even older coincidence. In the Menai Strait off the coast of Wales there was a shipwreck on December 5, 1664. All the passengers died, except one, Hugh Williams. Many years later in 1785 there was another shipwreck on the strait, also on December 5. In that wreck all lives were lost, except one, another man named Hugh Williams. And finally, on another anniversary–December 5, 1820–there was a third shipwreck in the strait with only one survivor: a third man named Hugh Williams.

The story about the Hugh Williamses (or is it Hughs Williams?) reminded me of a short story I read and loved ages ago. In 2007 there was a cool magazine/website called Meatpaper that featured essays, short stories and poetry that all related to meat in some way. It ceased publication a long time ago, but the website is still there! The story I loved is called Monster Pig by Rob Baedeker. It starts with a clip from a real AP News article, then lists fictional AP News items set at future dates (which are now all in the past).

One more, but it’s rich. The entirety of Paolo Solari’s Arcology: The City in the Image of Man. You can even download the illustrations!

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