Links! August 11, 2021

Hello and welcome to another link dump. Yes I’m still here, yes I’m still writing sometimes. There are a lot of weird and wonderful things in this world if we’re patient enough to see them. Such as…

Cornell University Library’s digital collection of punk fliers. More than 2,000 scans of messy, raw, Xeroxed graphic design. A delight.

When Prince changed his name to a custom symbol in 1993, he distributed floppy disks that journalists could use to load the symbol onto their computers in the form of a single character font.

Reading the (possibly apocryphal) story of the execution of the inventor of Ancient Roman flexible glass led me to a Wikipedia list article (I love list articles!) of Lost Inventions. It includes classics like Greek Fire and Tesla’s Death Ray, but don’t miss the beguiling mystery of the Sloot Digital Coding System.

A Dungeons & Dragons game that ended when all the player characters died in the first minute. The DM made no obvious mistakes, it just happened that way by dumb luck. What an incredible game.

The best sculpture I’ve seen in a while, an intricate model ship made by a detainee at Guantanamo Bay.

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