Le’Andra LeSeur, brown, carmine, and blue (2018)

ArtPrize was (is?) a massive citywide art event in Grand Rapids where any artist could show their work at a wide variety of venues, any attendee could vote on their favorite piece, expert jurors assessed and critiqued the work, and large cash prizes were given out. I was part of the team that started ArtPrize in 2009. Eventually I became Artistic Director, overseeing all artists and venues, jurors, speaker programming, grant programs, communications, design, and technology. In 2020 the entire staff was furloughed because of COVID-19, and I decided to find another job.

I have a lot more to say about ArtPrize, and I’ll write it eventually. For now, here are two things I’ve written about ArtPrize that are worth reading.

From September, 2020: Is ArtPrize Over?

From January, 2017: Some Thoughts on ArtPrize in a New Political Reality

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