Review: Salvador Jiménez Flores’ “I Am Not Who You Think I Am”

Last week I wrote a brief, informal post about my first impressions of the Kendall MFA show, which is now on view. The post accurately conveyed my overall feeling after a cursory viewing, but it was hardly a considered review. I’m working to make time to dig into a few of the artists’ installations andContinue reading “Review: Salvador Jiménez Flores’ “I Am Not Who You Think I Am””

Kendall 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition: First Impressions

I saw the MFA Thesis Exhibition at Kendall yesterday. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time, but it really got me thinking, so I thought I should write down my first impressions. This is not a review. If I have time, I’d like to go back and give the work more time andContinue reading “Kendall 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition: First Impressions”